Planning Matters

The Parish Council does not have the power to ‘determine’ (decide upon) planning applications, but is consulted by South Somerset District Council (SSDC), which is the ‘planning authority’, on all applications within our Parish.  Members of SSDC (including our county councillor, Mike Lewis) make the decisions at the Area East Committee meetings, which are usually held every month.

This link will take you to the SSDC planning page.  By selecting an application number or address, you will have access to the full details of the application, be able to view the plans, read the comments made by your Parish Council and others, comment on the application, and read the decision when it has been made.

APC are planning to make use of a new computer mapping service that will allow planning application data to be viewed via a digital program called Parish Online, and further details will follow shortly. It is expected that SSDC will be updating their digital output, to be able to provide parish & town councils in South Somerset with a more efficient service to the public.