Clerk to the Council – Angela Roberts .

The Chairman and representative for Fairfield Councillor: Chris Edwards

Councillor representative for Caryford Hall Councillor: Barbara Williams

Councillor representative to the Neighbourhood Planning group; Councillor: Nigel Begg

Councillor adviser on historical Issues within the parish: Councillor : Geoff Clothier

Councillor with responsibility for internal financial review: Councillor : Diana Pinnons

The role of the Parish Council

Ansford Parish Council is a corporate body with various roles, responsibilities and duties:


  • To represent the views of the community
  • To support activity in the community
  • To provide relevant services to the community where it has a legal power or duty to do so.


  • To hold at least four meetings a year
  • To appoint a Clerk to carry out the Council’s functions
  • To manage the Council’s finances in line with accounts and audit regulations and appoint a responsible financial officer (RFO). For Ansford, the Clerk is also the RFO.
  • To maintain a Freedom of Information Act publication scheme
  • To consider the impact of their decisions on Crime and Disorder
  • To follow the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010
  • To consider biodiversity
  • To consider the health and safety of the public and council employees


  • To act in accordance with the law
  • To elect a chairman
  • To be a good employer



If you would like to get actively involved with local issues and help with our plans to improve essential facilities for our parishioners, we would welcome your assistance.

Our current and long-term objectives are now being formulated, in preparation for an increasing number of new homes in our neighbourhood, and this will require an expansion of local amenities and services, to serve the needs and aspirations of all age-groups within our community.

With your help, Ansford Council could then provide more resources in which to plan some important improvements to local infrastructure projects, such as Road Safety/Transport links, Recreation & Leisure and Health & Social Well-being. Another crucial matter we are keen to develop, is the care and maintenance of the local Environment, and to encourage people to help with a variety of small-scale rural projects.

By joining our small team of councillors, we can set our sights on a greener and more sustainable place in which to live, for the benefit and satisfaction of all our parishioners.

Monthly Council Meetings are usually held at Caryford Hall on the second Wednesday of each month. Starting at 7pm

To Contact : Angela Roberts, Parish Clerk: 07969 399 559 (to leave a message) or via the CONTACT US link on the webpage