The village of Ansford is within a green part of Somerset, south of the river Brue and close to the neighbouring town of Castle Cary.

Ansford has a secondary school (Ansford Academy) a community hall (CaryFord Hall) a church (Saint Andrew’s) a Fitness & Leisure Centre and many small green areas along with Coombe Bottom, and a number of footpaths to explore. There is also a footpath to the railway station of Castle Cary despite the station actually being in Ansford!

With Ansford having the range of community facilities and green areas it is only a short walk down to Castle Cary with its distinctive local shops, community library, Post Office and mobile bank (once a week). There are close links to the town of Castle Cary, including support from Ansford parish council to maintain free parking in the town and fund joint youth projects for the area. Both councils have created a joint neighbourhood plan for the area and jointly manage & own The Fairfield – a large green area linking the two parishes.

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